Family matter fees
Please note that we undertake only privately funded clients for family matters.
There is no exact way to determine how much a Family matter will cost. This will vary from case to case dependent on the complexity of the case.
With City Heights Solicitors, Fixed Fee Divorce costs £600 including VAT for uncontested divorce cases and you can Start Your Divorce Online anytime.
For contested matters, e.g., divorce or child contact, we charge on hourly basis. Our hourly rate starts from £190.00 plus VAT per hour for senior solicitor and £120.00 plus VAT for other lawyers. Fixed fee arrangement can also be set these matters. However, to have an estimate, you will need to book an appointment with one of our lawyers.
Additional Costs
In most Family Law matters, there are likely to be additional costs that will need to be paid alongside the legal fees. It’s important to understand what these costs are so that you can budget accordingly.
1. Court Fees
When an application is sent to Court, depending on the nature of that application, the Court will charge a fee for the application. In divorce matters, this is currently £550, in children matters the fee is £215 and in financial separation matters the fee is £255.
This fee is separate to the Lawyer or Solicitor’s fee as this is paid directly to the Court and is known as a ‘disbursement’ (meaning a fee which is payable to a third party other than the instructed Lawyer or Solicitor.) If the client cannot afford to pay the Court fee, it is possible for them to apply to the Court for a reduction or even an exemption from the Court fees by completing a fee remission form. The Court will then assess the amount that the client will be expected to pay towards the Court fee.
2. Barrister Fees
Depending on the nature of the case there may be further disbursements required. If a case is taken to Court, for example, then the Family Law Solicitor may arrange for a barrister to represent the client at the hearing. Typically, a barrister will be able to offer a fixed fee for representation at Court.
3. Tracing Agent and Process Server Fees
Sometimes, if someone who is involved in a Family Law matter cannot be located and their contact details are unknown, a tracing agent may need to be instructed. This is an organisation which attempts to track down the missing individual.
In addition, it may also be necessary to instruct a process server, which is an organisation that serves the individual with legal documents, advising them of the legal proceedings. A process server will usually be instructed if there is an individual who is difficult to track down or who is not engaging with the proceedings. This is because the Court requires that reasonable efforts are taken to notify an individual of legal proceedings that involve them.

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