UK Ancestry Visa

The UK Ancestry visa is a popular route to residency in the UK for individuals. It is specifically designed for individuals with a family link to the UK. With this visa, you have the privilege of residing and working in the UK for a period of up to five years. Moreover, you enjoy the flexibility of freely entering and leaving the country multiple times during this period.

You can apply for a UK Ancestry visa if you are a Commonwealth citizen. Also, you are able to prove that one of your grandparents was born in the UK. You can only apply from outside the UK. To get this visa, you will need to show that you are planning to work in the UK. In addition, you need to meet the other eligibility requirements.

You can also apply to settle in the UK permanently if you’ve lived in the UK for 5 years on this visa.

Eligibility For UK Ancestry Visa

– You are a Commonwealth citizen.
– If you are aged 17 or over, you are eligible for this visa.
– You are able to provide proof that one of your grandparents was born in the United Kingdom. Or the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, on a British-registered ship or aircraft.  As an alternative in the Republic of Ireland before 31 March 1922.
– Any such grandparent is your blood grandparent or grandparent by reason of adoption recognized by the laws of the United Kingdom relating to adoption.
– In addition to satisfying a maintenance and accommodation requirement, you will also need to satisfy the Home Office that you are able to work and intend to take or seek employment or self-employment in the United Kingdom.

If you need help understanding the Immigration Rules, assessing your chances of qualifying for a UK Ancestry Visa, or preparing an immigration application.  Our team of immigration lawyers is here to provide expert advice and assistance.

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